Work Force Management

SoftOne Staffing provides you with an easy-to-use intelligent tool for workforce planning. It allows you to allocate your resources based on production, task and activity needs.

With the right workforce planning, you can achieve:

  • Shorter wait times/optimized production
  • Improved quality of service and more satisfied customers
  • Less stress and more balanced workloads, plus happier employees
  • Lower costs with improved results

Use the App via smartphone or tablet

We have combined this powerful planning tool with communications opportunities and abilities between employers and employees. This means that employees can see their schedules in an app on their smartphones or tablets. From here, even extra staffers can indicate whether they are available to take a shift, they can take a particular available shift that needs a staff member with matching skills, or they can switch shifts with colleagues. Changes made via the app are immediately updated in the workforce planning system, or alternatively, are updated after you have approved them.