Let SoftOne be your payroll department. We offer outsourcing of payroll management for organizations throughout Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Personal and high-quality payroll management

SoftOne Outsourcing Payroll is an option that ensures quality while lowering costs for many of our customers. We take responsibility for the payrolls being correct and paid out on time, but we also deal with all the statistics and reporting to various authorities and organizations. This leaves you able to focus on your business and your colleagues.

You can choose whether to transfer all or part of your payroll management to us. If you need help for a limited time, such as in the case of parental leave or an organizational change, we can help you manage that just as easily as if you wish us to help you long term.

If you would like us to manage your payroll administration, you get access to our modern payroll system, without investment and ongoing costs. You don’t need to worry about updating your system or making back-ups—let us deal with that, along with customizations and special reports that suit your needs.