ERP and HR solutions for Manufacturing

Good planning and effective management of resources gives you a competitive edge in the global market. SoftOne offers a cloud-based simple solution for managing workforce management, time reporting, payroll and financesaccounting. And because the system is cloud-based, it also works well for companies with offices in multiple geographic locations. No matter where you are, you have access to the right data.

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SoftOne for Manufacturing industries

Workforce Management 

SoftOne contains a complete workforce management and scheduling solution whose purpose is to optimize your resources and ensure that the right workforce is always available while reducing labor costs. This results in improved work efficiency as well as more satisfied customers.

Smart scheduling

Simply set up a schedule and combine it with whatever type of services you need, plus which competencies are required. You can then match personnel with shifts and can easily see whether you lack personnel or expertise for any particular work shifts. You can also compare similar periods from previous months or years in order to identify a need for more staff or skills.

Communication with staff

Employees can use our app on their smart phones in order to view their schedules and salary specifications, or to request shift changes. Extra staff members are able to express interest in a vacant shift, or even directly sign up for a particular vacant shift.

As a human resource manager, you can also send out messages about vacant shifts in order to quickly staff them, diminishing the time it would otherwise take to find available personnel. Even absences and leave requests can be managed via the app.

The app can also be used as an intranet where staff can access the employee handbook, fire codes and regulations, and more. Everything gathered in one place.

Employees have the convenience of working via the app since they always have their mobile phones with them, and it saves a great deal of time for those of you who are responsible for your company’s human resources.

Time reporting

SoftOne allows you to do your time reporting via the web, the app or a through a digital timestamp. The time sheet is checked automatically with versus the schedule. If the report matches the schedule, the time sheet is automatically certifiedapproved. If they do not match, they are will be managed manually. This means that you only need to devote extra time to those reports with deviations, while the rest go directly into payroll.

Proper scheduling and time reporting reduces the time spent on payroll issues. SoftOne’s solution helps you manage staffing and schedule planning in a smart and, flexible way.

SoftOne Payroll

SoftOne Payroll makes the payroll administrator’s everyday tasks much easier. The system contains ready-to-use templates for rules and agreements, along with the ability for you to create your own reports and interesting important statistics. All periods and all employees are searchable and can be printed out, allowing for improved overview and analysis.

The system keeps track of all information about employee rules and conditionsterms, vacations, sick leavedays, and other things that affect the salary. It is a flexible andbut open system, where the concepts of integration and importsation are key. With the help of various types of pre-systems, like SoftOne Time for example, you can save time and improve payroll tasks considerably.

Accounting systems

SoftOne Economy Acconting is, like other SoftOne modules, an integratedl feature of SoftOne. As a SoftOne customer, you can either manage accounting and billing yourself, share the responsibility with an accountant, or let your own accountant firm manage the accounts directly with its own users on your system. Electronic management of supplier invoices means you save time and approval workflow goes faster. Regardless of what model you select, you always have access to reports to quickly see how the company is doing financially.Includes gross profit accounting plus the import of daily takings files for commerce.Also includes functionality for gross profit accounting plus the import of daily takings files.

Electronic invoice management

With electronic management of supplier invoices, you save time and speed up the approval workflow.

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