ERP-and HR-system for Craftsmen

SoftOne ERP is a modular complete solution for those who work as artisans or tradespersons. Our desire is that you are able to run successful projects with effective administration. You can begin on a small scale and expand your solution according to your needs. SoftOne is cloud-based, which means that you receive a reliable and cost-efficiant solution via computer, smart phone, and tablet—available whenever you need it.

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SoftOne for Craftsmen

SoftOne simplifies your administrative tasks and gives you control over your projects. Our complete solution includes orders, invoicing, projects, payroll, and finance. Additionally, there is price management and EDI connections to most wholesalers. Saving time and ensuring correct information allows you to focus more on creating a profitable business.

We have developed this solution together with electrical engineeringal companies, which has given us the correct functionality to provide you with the smoothest and most effective workflow possible.

A cloud-based service

As a cloud-based service, SoftOne is available via the internet no matter where you are. In addition to this you  don’t have to worry about dealing with hardware, operation and updates—all you need is an internet connection and a computer or smart phone, and you have a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Materials and price management

SoftOne has EDI connections with more than 30 wholesalers. The connection, along with your discount letter, enables items from the wholesaler to be booked directly at the correct order and always at the right price. If you are customer at several wholesalers, you can easily compare prices in order to get the best deal.

Update wholesale pricelists with one click

Updating wholesale pricelists becomes quick and easy. You will receive a query from the system and you can then select to update with a single click.

See which wholesalers we have connections with.

With SoftOne, you can easily manage your client contracts and customer prices. This saves you many hours that would otherwise be spent on checking lists and recalculating invoices.

Smart phone and tablet app

You and your technicians can use our app on your smart phones or tablets when you’re working on-site with clients. The app allows you to eliminate paper work, and sends continuous updates to the ERP system. Technicians receive work orders directly to their mobile phones so they can register time and material directly with the clients, meaning time report compilation and invoicing all goes much quicker.

Read more about SoftOne’s app for mobile orders here.

Project Management

The project management system keeps track of several orders and allows for more advanced invoicing and reporting. Having a complete picture of your projects will improve your profitability, plus provide you with insight in which clients are more successful and productive, so that you can make better future business decisions. With the project central, you can easily produce reports for materials used, time spent, and budgetary outcomes.

Quality assurance

SoftOne makes it easy to attach images or documents to a work order, and contains checklists that help you manage your project’s quality assurance.

We currently work in the Nordic countries with:

Sweden: EIO
Norway: NELFO
Finland: LVS-net

Work management planning

As a supervisor, you deal with orders via a calendar that provides a clear overview of current and future jobs. The calendar also allows for distribution of orders to technicians who receive these directly via the app on their smart phones.

Accounting system

SoftOne Accounting is, like other SoftOne modules, an integral feature of SoftOne. As a SoftOne customer, you can either manage accounting and billing yourself, share the responsibility with an accountant, or let your own accountant manage the accounts directly with its own users in your system. Electronic management of supplier invoices means that you save time and the approval workflow goes faster. Regardless of what model you select, you always have access to reports to quickly see how the company is doing financially.

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