ERP and HR solutions for Accounting and Auditing

For those working professionally with accounting and auditing, SoftOne offers a web-based complete solution for finances, orders/invoices, and payroll. You will be able to provide customers with a flexible solution along with your services. SoftOne was developed along with our clients in the accounting business, in order to guarantee you will have the right functionality and performance.

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Improve customer cooperation

Since SoftOne is web-based, both you and your customer always have access to the latest information. All you need is an internet connection and login, and you can both work from the same database. Hence you will have access to the same information in SoftOne Accounting.

Role-based system

With a role-based system, like SoftOne XE, you can select which information should be shared with your customer, and which permissions the customer should have access to. Your customers can for example decide to manage invoicing by themselves, and then let you deal with the remaining financial tasks and payroll.

Statistics and reports

SoftOne includes a number of standard reports that can be customized to your specifications. These make it simple and easy to give your customers a quick overview of the financial situation.


Simplify the payroll process with SoftOne Staffing and time reporting. Integrating staffing and time with SoftOne Payroll makes everything run smoothly. SoftOne Payroll can also be integrated with other well known systems on the market.

App for smartphones and tablets

Even when you or your customers are not near a computer, you can access SoftOne via our app. Working with our app on your smart phone or tablet allows you to be flexible and gives your customers the chance to make use of reports and other helpful information even while traveling or on during vacation periods.

Demo and consultation

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