Payroll - a client-server solution

SoftOne Payroll makes the payroll administrator’s everyday tasks much easier. The system contains ready-to-use templates for rules and agreements, along with the ability for you to create your own reports and interesting statistics. All periods and all employees are searchable and can be printed out, allowing for improved overview and analysis.

The system keeps track of all information about employee rules and conditions, vacations, sick days, and other things that affect salary. It is a flexible but open system, where the concepts of integration and importation are key. With the help of various types of pre-systems, like SoftOne Time for example, you can save time and improve payroll tasks considerably.

SoftOne Payroll is easily and advantageously combined with scheduling in our workforce and time management systems. SoftOne Payroll can even be integrated with other popular systems on the market.


Personal and high-quality payroll management – Outsourcing

Let SoftOne be your payroll department. We offer outsourcing of payroll management for organizations throughout Sweden, Finland and Norway. Read more about outsourcing>

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