SoftOne Payroll

New SoftOne Payroll was built from the start in the cloud. This means that you have access to it via the internet no matter where you are. Moreover, payroll runs are simplified when our pre-system, which is also in the cloud, is fully integrated. You can of course simply choose to use Payroll and a different presystem for time, but you will see several advantages to using our entire HR solution, with Schedule, Time, and Payroll.

Working smarter

Payroll in the cloud provides a decentralized work method. With this method, all payroll work is done at “the source”. This means fewer errors and less administration. To achieve this, we have built in various checks and notifications.

The payroll system is role based, which means administrators and employees can work in the same system, but have different access rights depending on which role they have.

Quick facts

  • Everything is date-driven, ensuring employees always get the correct Payroll
  • Integrated with SoftOne Planning and Time and HR
  • Future-proof cloud solution
  • Savings benefits through reduced administration
  • Integration with your company’s business, economy or HR systems
  • Industry independent
  • Native support for current legislation and the Tax Authority’s recommendations
  • Automatically updated payroll taxes and tax tables
  • Simple holiday/vacation management
  • Accounting of owed annual leave
  • Mass registration of transactions
  • Automation of recurring transactions
  • Payroll audit module
  • Retroactive wage calculation
  • Contract management
  • Automatic distribution of report packages

One of the many advantages to using a fully integrated solution is that there is only a single database and registry to maintain for Schedule, Time and Payroll.

The system provides ready-to-use protocols and agreements, plus the ability to generate statistics and custom reports. All periods and all employees are searchable and can be printed out, which makes it very easy to get a good overview and analysis. SoftOne Payroll keeps track of all data on employee conditions, vacations/holidays, sick leave regulations, and other things that affect wage payments.

Payroll administrators can punch long lists without needing to go into the payroll processing for each person. Fuel benefits, Rikskuponger, lunch discounts, bonuses and more are entered directly into the list. Then the relevant lines are transferred to the payroll-processing system.

With an easy-to-use staffing and time system, the time needed for payroll runs is reduced, and time can be used where it is most needed—the planning stage. This means that even while initially registering hours, you can automatically approve correct reports and take more time to examine deviating reports. Then, with a single click, you can transfer this over to the payroll system. Simple and efficient!

Everything in the system is date-controlled. Date control means that, with a retroactive wage calculation, you can easily pay the Payroll that should have been paid earlier, such as in the case of a Payroll adjustment. If you have deducted a pay period and then have a change in time reporting, simply switch out the previous report and register a new one that ensures Payroll corresponds to worked hours, absences, etc.

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