App provides mobility and efficiency

SoftOne Mobile is the tool of the technician out in the field. Time and resources are registered on the order as they are used, and the customer can be invoiced directly. No revenue is lost on the way, and you can say goodbye to lots of messy bits of paper and tedious administration. Orders planned with the module Order planning are distributed to the technician’s mobile. The technician can then see what is next on the schedule, can apply for leave/absence, as well as other things that are related to staffing matters.


Take a picture at work and document it on the order. The picture can be printed out and attached to the invoice, or can simply be saved as documentation. Checklists ensure that your work is performed correctly and securely, and checklists and orders can both be signed.


The navigation and mapping functionality makes it easier for the technician to find the customer, as well as making it possible to see from the office where the technician is currently. The latter can be useful especially in situations where repairs or service is needed and you want to send the technician who is closest to where the service is needed. With push notifications on the smart phone, the technician learns that he has been assigned a new task.