Orders and invoicing

SoftOne simplifies your work with order planning and invoicing. You get a quick overview of the order status and whether the ordersy are ready for invoicing, as well as whether there are orders without planned start dates.

Order management

Orders are set up easily, and a cursory list shows clearly which customer the order refers to, the status of the order, any potential partial invoicing, as well as which project it belongs to. Orders can be quickly and easily invoiced directly from the order view where you see whether it is ready for invoicing. You can also see open or closed orders from the various tabs.


Invoicing is simplified when using the integration with orders and order planning as all available information can be found in one place—material, time and projects. While you are creating the invoice, you can easily include any potential attachments, from checklists to be included with execution of orders, or images, etc. If you use the project central for project management, the project is updated with information from orders/order planning and invoicing, which provides a quick overview of individual projects and their status. The Invoicing module can be used separately or it can be integrated with other modules in the system.

Reefurbishment tax deduction (ROT)

If you are a carpenter or other craftsperson and work with the renovation tax deduction (ROT), this information is saved and when the customer has paid the invoice, you can easily apply to the tax authorities for the deduction.

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