SoftOne Accounting

SoftOne Accounting is a web-based accounting program for accounting, customer and supplier ledgers, inventories, etc. The software is well-integrated with other modules such as invoicing and payroll, which means many of the accounting module’s templates are generated automatically depending on what is happening in the organization. Among the integration possibilities are EDI-import, Finvoice, SIE, payment processing, and general Microsoft Excel connections.

Electronicinvoice management

With electronic processing of supplier invoices, you save time and approval workflow is faster.

Advantages of a cloud-based service

Because SoftOne is cloud-based, both you and your accountant always have access to the latest information. All you need is an internet connection and a login and you can work from the same basic data where you both have access to the same information. No need to worry about dealing with hardware, maintenance or updates—all you need is an internet connection and a computer or smartphonesmart phone, and you have a reliable and cost-effective solution.

SoftOne Connect

An integration motor engine that you can operate yourself. You define and run imports as well as exports for both temporary registry runs and recurring integrations. Among other things, this includes a complete migration that moves all your data from SoftOne Business or SoftOne Professional into SoftOne ERP.

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