Integrations with wholesalers

Tradespeople have a lot to gain from integration with wholesalers. They have all their wholesalers’ pricelists and discounts in the system, which means they always get the right price automatically. When material is picked up from the wholesaler, that too is automatically entered into SoftOne as order lines, which means invoicing is quicker and safer. The overview makes it possible to make fact-based decisions regarding purchases.

The wholesalers’ offers and abilities for integration vary. Information on which wholesalers we manage and what the integration supports can be found below.

Price lists

Some wholesalers send their price lists directly to us, and as soon as we get them, we make them available for all customers. Other wholesalers only send their price lists to their customers, but if you forward them to us, we will enter them into the system for you. Some wholesaler lists are possible for you to enter yourself. However, you will likely be unable to enter their discount letters into the system.


The wholesalers will send their invoices electronically and these become supplier invoices in the system.

Order confirmation

The technician states the order number when the materials are picked up, and these become line items on the order and the customer can be invoiced directly.


If the wholesaler offers the ability to deliver your discount letter electronically, you can enter it into the system yourself. This is not mentioned in the list below.